Mixing & Editing

Mixing is one of the most important parts of the recording process. Making sure that all your instruments are balanced and create a good vibe for the style of song tracked. If its adding a little EQ to the guitars or slamming the drums with compression. We promise to mix your tracks to a quality that you will be satisfied with. Here at Pawnshop we offer track editing for a cleaner sound and for the slightly pitchy vocal we can use some vocal tuning if needed.

Let our mastering engineer put the finishing touches on your CD or demo. Using a combination of analog and digital gear, our mastering engineers will give your song the finished professional broadcast quality for record label scouting and radio airplay. We offer mixing and mastering services to musicians that have already recorded their music but desire a professional sounding end product. The truth is that mixing and mastering are a separate art. Just like playing the drums or guitar, it takes hours of practice to learn. Mixing and mastering is not any different. Most musicians don’t have the time or the patience to learn the art of mixing and mastering.

Understandably, musicians just want to write and record music. That’s where we come in. Send any prerecorded song or album and let the magic begin. We can make virtually any recording sound better. This includes home recordings and even recordings that were made in other professional recording studios. Simply upload your previously recorded tracks via Dropbox

Music Videos

At Pawnshop we have a collective group of talented director’s and producers who can arrange and shoot your next music video. When it comes to getting the right shot and location they are experts in getting what you want. We also offer a service to shoot your experience recording at Pawnshop studio and create a video documentary of your part of recording history. All of our videos are shot in full 1920×1080 HD quality for the best digital picture available.

Publishing /  Licensing Deals

We at Pawnshop Studio look out for our artists and are always seeking the best songs for placements in Film/TV. We take pride in helping advise on the more commercial friendly songs and offer a publish/licensing deal to help the artists gain more exposure and to make a little cash for the hard work. We accept all material and review with our 3 panel A&R group. After reviewing all materials we will contact you for developing a relationship between artists and producers. Together working as a team we can move mountains and have a successful career.

Real Drums

Here at Pawnshop we offer a service for creating customized Drum Beats! We can take your files or session and record Real Drum Beats for your tune or project. Our in house pool of talented musicians can perform just about any style and beat requested. The main tracking room was designed by drummers for drummers with the intentions of getting the best drum tones possible. It has 18 foot ceilings that helps give us the Big Bonham sound. We have a vast array of drum sets and sounds to choose from for your customized drum beat. You can choose from either a really tight sound for a pop song or a real open and big sound for the heavy rock sound.

After tracking the song we can either do a full drum mix for you or deliver the raw files back to you. There are a few ways to deliver your tracks to us. You can stop by the studio and drop off your tracks. You can priority mail them to our studio. We also have a secured location for you to upload your files as well. Our staff will guide you through either step from start to delivery to insure the best recording experience ever.

Artist Consultation

We offer consultations for artists and bands that wish to get some advice before entering the recording studio. There are some tips and tricks that the artists may not be aware of when preparing for their recording session. Our staff of seasoned producers and engineers can help you get ready.

Sound Design

Do you have a film or TV project that needs some Sound Design and maybe a little Scoring/Composing. Many of our talented Producers have worked in many outlets of the film/TV industry. Our extensive library of Sound Effects and Backgrounds contribute to creating the perfect sound Design for your project.