Patrick Burkholder

About Us
The Pawnshop was founded in 2005 with the idea of bringing musicians together to record their music in a creative and friendly environment. Producer musician Billy Baker formed an alliance with a few L.A. based seasoned engineers to provide the highest quality recording experience possible. The tracking room was designed to maximize projects that seek to add “Live” drums to their music or composition. Our isolation room is great for separating the Marshall stack from the main drum tracking room when wishing to track your band live all together.

Patrick Burkholder

Patrick’s experience expands over 18 years of listening, learning and gaining much knowledge from some of the greatest producers in the music industry. The list includes icons Warren Riker, Ulrich Wild, Ron Fair, J-Dub and many more. Having worked in some of the best studios around the country gave him a chance to work with many styles and formats of music. The Music grinder in Hollywood California is one of the studios that he had a chance to add more to his arsenal of engineering skills. Patrick’s back ground also comes from many years of playing music in bands and producing/writing music with other artists. His great sense of tones, vast knowledge of Pro Tools and recording tricks makes him a valuable talent to the music industry.