Itom Tracks Eclectic Visionary Beats

Tom Petros AKA “Itom” recently tracked an amazing set of eclectic drums sounds and grooves. Set to 6 HD cameras Itom takes on grooves from Tool to Porcupine Tree. Check out his videos and much more at his facebook or youtube...

Marshall Amp’s Pawnshop #1 choice

Pawnshop recently tracked some mad guitars through the famous Marshall JCM 800 and the JMP. If you are looking for the huge thick wall of guitar...

Artists / Samples


At Pawnshop studio, our engineers are experienced in providing the best quality tones possible with either your gear or our in house gear.

Mixing | Editing

Mixing is one of the most important parts of the recording process. Making sure that all your instruments are balanced and create a good vibe for the style of song tracked.


Let our mastering engineer put the finishing touches on your CD or demo. Using a combination of analog and digital gear.

Sound Design

Do you have a film or TV project that needs some Sound Design and maybe a little Scoring & Composing. Many of our talented Producers have worked in many outlets of the film/TV industry.

Real Drum Beats

Here at Pawnshop we offer a service for creating customized Drum Beats! We can take your files or session and record Real Drum Beats for your tune or project.

Video Production

At Pawnshop we have a collective group of talented director’s and producers who can arrange and shoot your next music video.

Artist Consultations

We offer consultations for artists and bands that wish to get some advice before entering the recording studio.


For booking info please email us at

Mission Statement

Located in the Heart of the San Fernando Valley, Pawnshop is a “all in one” professional recording studio. Whether it is tracking, mixing, voice overdubbing, song writing and production services, we offer it all. Including is a cast of experienced producers, engineers and musicians qualified in all genre’s of music and production.  Our large assortment of back-line equipment makes it easy to get incredible sounds for your song or film project. You want big drums you say?  We’ve can get them for you!!! .Our large tracking room is great for getting the “Big” Bonham type sound. From full CD’s to demo’s, all of your recording needs can be accomplished once you set foot into Pawnshop Studio.